Friday, March 26, 2010

Benefits of Mango Fruit

Mango has many varieties. There was a mention, at least there are 2000 types of mangoes in the world. Mango form a fully rounded, like mango Gedong, and the long round, like "mango harumanis" and "mango manalagi", Mango kopeks flat, round, oval doll was mango.

Although the shapes, sizes, colors, and flavors of mango variety. In terms of nutrition it is almost no different. Fresh ripe mango contains about 82 percent water, 41 mg vitamin C, and energy/calories, 73 Cal per 100 grams. In every 100 grams of young mango, mango, raw water contained approximately 84 percent, 65 mg vitamin C, and the energy of 66 Cal. Energy in the young mango low because many contain more starch, which will turn into sugar in the process of maturation.

Most mango energy from carbohydrates in the form of sugar, which make it sweet. Sugar content was dominated by sugar sucrose groups. Sugar contents in mango 7-12 percent range. However, the type of sweet mango can reach 16-18 percent.

Mangoes are also high in nutritional substances antioxidants, also found the content of beta-carotene and vitamin C (along with potassium, vitamin A activity, carbohydrate, energy and water).

You want to buy a mango can choose a good mango color is yellowish green, smooth skin and sweet aroma. Avoid choosing fruit that is too hard or too soft, bruised, or the smell of fermentation.


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