Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Caution This disease (Hepatitis C) Transmitted Without consciously

Hepatitis C is often referred to as the "silent disease" because it usually does not cause symptoms for many years. However, it can cause serious damage to the liver. Thus, in addition to early cancer detection, detected symptoms of hepatitis C is also necessary.

Around 200 thousand people in the UK without conscious suffering Hepatitis C. For local government it is currently doing a campaign to promote early detection tests and hepatitis C.

Singer and rock star "Lisa Moorish" is making a movie voiceover to help increase public awareness detect this virus. She has seen family and friends affected by hepatitis C, and said: "Lifestyle rock 'n roll in his youth could be the cause they are more at risk of hepatitis C," she said.

Dr. Argawal Kosh, consultant hepatologist at King's College Hospital, London, a specialized central hospital liver disease and hepatitis, said: "This online film tells about the problem of hepatitis C. If you've put yourself at risk of viruses, by injecting drugs or get a tattoo in foreign countries, for example, this might be bad news. However, good news is that hepatitis C can still be cured if known from the beginning through early detection."

Hepatitis C can be spread primarily through blood or through blood contact. The most common route of transmission is through sharing drug injecting equipment. However, for those who received blood transfusions before September 1991 or blood products before 1986 in England may also be at risk of infection. If left untreated, hepatitis C can cause severe liver damage - cirrhosis, primary liver cancer or liver failure.

To learn more about hepatitis C, there are important things you need to know related to other ways that could risk transmitting the virus of this disease, which include:

1. From infected mother to baby, before or during birth
2. Through sexual contact with someone who has the virus
3. Through dental treatment, which can be contracted through non-sterile equipment
4. Tattoo, ear or body piercing, or acupuncture (especially if you do not use sterile equipment)
5. Sharing razors or toothbrushes that might have been contaminated with blood from an infected person.

One British man Geoffrey Cleghorn, (61) admitted, he suffered from this virus and has been detected since the beginning of the end has recovered gradually. When the virus attacked, Geoffrey claimed the body often feel tired but it's not an exhausting activity.

"I often feel tired. But, at first I thought because of age. Right now I have been free of the virus and feel healthier. For that, I recommend to anyone who has a risk of hepatitis C, immediate early detection, "he advised.

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