Sunday, March 7, 2010

Medical and Kidney Failure Treatment

Handling and treatment of renal failure depends on the cause of the failure of kidney function itself. In essence, the goal of treatment is to control the symptoms, minimizing complications and slowing disease progression. For example, patients may need to decrease dietary intake of sodium, potassium, protein and fluids. If the cause is unknown impact of other diseases, your doctor will give medicine or therapy such as administration of drugs for the treatment of hypertension, anemia, or perhaps high cholesterol.

Someone who suffered kidney failure is very necessary function monitored revenue (intake) and expenditure (output) of fluid, so the action and given treatment can be done well. In some serious cases, patients will be recommended or laundering measures (Haemodialisa blood (dialysis)). Another possibility is the act of a kidney transplant or kidney transplant.

Having Kidney Disease Prevention
We are in a state of "feeling well" at least expected to conduct medical checks / control / laboratory. As for those who declared having kidney disorders, whether mild or moderate expected to be careful in consuming oabat-rheumatic drugs such as drugs, certain antibiotics and treated immediately if infected, avoid dehydration (vomiting), a periodic control. Hopefully this article useful to you in need, Thank you.

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