Saturday, March 13, 2010

Facts About Coffee that you need to know

Here are a few points and benefit from a cup of beverage called coffee, which I managed to summarize from various sources:

1. Eighty percent of adults in the world drink coffee at least once a day. Wow, my many friends!

2. Caffeine contained in coffee is a chemical derived from plants that can stimulate the brain and nervous system. Caffeine is classified as type alkaloid, also known as trimetilsantin. In addition to coffee, caffeine is also found in tea, cola, chocolate, energy drinks (energy drinks), chocolate, and medicines.

3. Caffeine can help you to think faster. Try to consume coffee or tea 15 minutes or 30 minutes before you do a job interview or giving a presentation to the boss. The result may be quite considerable, because the caffeine found in coffee or tea proved able to provide 'signals' in the brain to respond faster and with swift memory processing in the brain.

4. Caffeine prevent cavities. Try to drink a cup of hot coffee or hot tea right after you eat cookies, a delicious chocolate cake, fruit-flavored candy or a piece of sweet bread. Joe Vinson, Ph.D., of the University of Scranton explained that the caffeine contained in these drinks was very tough to eradicate the bacteria that causes cavities.

5. Caffeine reduces headache pain. The study found that caffeine found in coffee or tea (in a certain amount) can help cure headaches. According to "Seimur Diamond, MD", from "Chicago's Diamond Headache Clinic". Patients with mild migraine in the category can be cured with a cup of black coffee or a cup of black tea. So, before you try drugs used to cure your headache with caffeinated beverages.

6. Caffeine can relieve asthmatic breathing in a way that expands the bronchial tract connecting the esophagus to the lung.

7. Caffeine can make the body do not get tired, could do more physical activity time, the estimate for the caffeine to make "fuel" used a longer muscle.

8. Caffeine can increase the sense of cheerful, makes us feel more refreshed and energetic.

9. Women who drank two cups of coffee or more per day can reduce your risk of bone loss (osteoporosis).

10. Coffee can improve mental performance and memory because of the coffee can stimulate many areas in the brain. Research at the University of Arizona found that adults who drink coffee before a memory test showed significant growth compared to those who drank decaffeinated coffee.

11. Caffeine may ward off free radicals and destroy molecules that can damage DNA cells.

12. Caffeine also protect the heart and cancer.

13. To reduce the risk of precipitation of diabetes start drinking coffee. Someone who drank coffee more than six cups a day lower risk of diabetes compared with people who do not drink coffee at all. Thus the conclusion of a large-scale research conducted in the 80 thousand people over 18 years in the U.S..

14. Parkinson's disease is rare in people who drink coffee regularly. A study concluded that the disease is actually found in men who did not drink coffee three times more than men coffee connoisseur.

15. Drinking coffee makes sperm "swim" more quickly and be able to increase male fertility. This Brazilian scientists announced in a meeting "American Society for Reproductive Medicine" in San Antonio, where the main discussion centered around the effects of drugs on fertility of the adam (human).

Many are not benefits? So why do you not begin to start your day with a cup of coffee?

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