Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Smallest Baby In The world Survival

The doctors in Germany had recently published the picture baby boy in the world's smallest premature. This baby is able to survive despite struggling through a very critical condition since being born at 25 weeks gestation weighing only about half a pound.

The length of a baby who was nicknamed "Tom Thumb" is only less than a sheet of A4 paper (21 cm). He noted weight weighing only 275 grams when born by cesarean surgery at the University Hospital of Medicine in Göttingen, Germany, in June 2009 last year.

Every day for 24 hours, this baby through a critical period in the incubator with the food channel, respirator, and a heart monitor. He also must wear a catheter and electronic fletora to monitor every vital signs because of the risk of bleeding or organ failure selebral.

Last December, this super-tiny baby finally expressed in a stable condition after reaching a weight of 8.2 lbs or 3.7 kilograms which is the average of normal birth weight infants in Germany.

Now, nine months after birth, the doctors have allowed infants who have not given this name to be taken by his parents who live in Eighsfeld, region of central Germany. Doctors have confirmed the baby's condition is strong enough to be treated at home.

Officials from the Hospital Göttingen said, after checking every premature birth records all over the world, they do not find the birth of a baby boy who weighed less. Three baby girls, including one of whom was born in the United States weighing about 244 grams, was also able to survive. Record baby boy earlier was premature weighing 294 grams


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