Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Various types of healthy foods

Food is divided into 2 types of snack foods that are eaten as a distraction and the main meal of calories your body needs daily. Snack or snack is consumed food in for kicks on the sidelines of the main meal.

Eat snacks in Indonesia became popular when introduced by the Dutch colonial era it on. Snacks in those days enjoyed during afternoon tea on the day of the wet cakes. Snack is currently available in various types, both cakes, cookies or pastries, snacks are also ready consumption in production at factories that supply many stores, and no longer in consumption in the afternoon but at various times both morning , noon or night.

To adherents of a healthy lifestyle, regular snacks replaced with fruit. As for dieters, these fruit snacks are consumed in the morning between breakfast and lunch and an afternoon a few hours before dinner.

The main food enjoyed as the body needs the calories used to move. The main food consumed 3 times a day ie morning, noon and night. Breakfast is usually not too heavy but full of protein and nutrients as the energy to start the day.

Eating food consisting of carbohydrates is very good for lunch because it can supply much needed energy for the body. Dinner is an event to gather with the family is therefore usually the dinner menu is prepared quite complete.

Dinner should be done to provide energy supplies to sleep, because even though we are asleep, your body requires energy to keep working, but is not as much as in the daytime. Therefore, sometimes if we spend our dinner the night waking because of hunger, because our bodies do not get food supplies to work.

Advised not to consume too many carbohydrates at dinner due to excess carbohydrate dinner combustion results will not be used but will be stored under the skin tissue which then becomes fat.

Western-style main dish consists of several stages of the food serving appetizers or entrees, main course and the main dish or dessert desert. Appetizers are food eaten before the main meal.

Usually consists of a light diet with portions that are not too many. Appetizer intended to fill the stomach while waiting at the main menu on the serve. Examples are sausage appetizers, sliced meats, salads, mini pizzas and others. The main menu on the western cuisine variety. We have various kinds of western-style restaurant that serves typical food from different countries of the continent.

Each has a different menu and a few different foods have very different taste with Indonesian cuisine. Western foods are popular among Indonesian society is steak, spaghetti, pasta, pizza, and burgers. Many restaurants in Indonesia which has a fifth sense to modify this so that food can be accepted by Indonesian society. Even many leading companies that makes these foods as the main selling power to their fast-food restaurants scattered throughout Indonesia.

These foods are very popular and is now very easy to obtain. In addition many also produced as instant foods that can be directly consumed only just warm it.

Or desert dessert usually consists of a snack cake, ice cream or cake. Food is consumed as a cover after the main meal and enjoy while chatting with family or colleagues after dinner.

Enjoying dessert is usually punctuated by drinking wine or cocktails. Desert portion usually not how much and enjoyed only as a complement or commonly known as dessert.

This style of serving food is not found in Indonesia who know only one time serving food, especially to serve the everyday. Even so, our society often presents as a meal of fruit dessert. In some event or events such as eating a wedding or meeting different kinds of Indonesian-style dessert served with many variations.

Not merely the fruit only served, but also a variety of other desserts such as puddings, fruit ice, ice mix, cake, cake and others.

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