Monday, March 8, 2010

Causes of Breast Cancer Disease

Countless breast cancer disease the most common cancer attacking women, yet men also have the possibility of having this disease with a ratio between 1 in 1000. Until now has not known for certain what causes this cancer occurs, but several factors likely are:

1. Age, disease increases breast cancer at the age of teenagers to the top.

2. Genetic, There are 2 types of genes (BRCA1 and BRCA2) that are possible as a risk. If the woman's mother or sister had breast cancer, then you likely have an increased risk of breast cancer than 2 times the other women in her family did not have any patients.

3. The use of drugs, for example a woman who uses hormone replacement therapy drugs (hormone replacement therapy (HRT)) as exogenous hormones can cause increased risk of getting breast cancer.

4. Other factors suspected as the cause of breast cancers are; not married, married but no children, gave birth to their first child after age 35 years, never feed a child.

Some studies reveal that breast cancers increased in people who often face stressful conditions (shock soul) and also for women who previously had periods under 11 years of age.


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