Sunday, March 14, 2010

Most Expensive Coffee in The World , Kopi termahal di dunia, secangkir 1 juta

Ask the English, what the most expensive coffee in the world, then the nation of tea drinkers will answer coffee taken from civet droppings. This assumption is probably similar to Indonesia's traditional society.

Why expensive? In the UK the former coffee eaten civet (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus) and out again with his litter was sold at a price of 50 pounds or almost USD $ 1 million. Reported in the Daily Mail website on Thursday (10/4).

Maybe when he heard the origin of coffee, it will shake drinkers. But the cafe Peter Jones, that's what makes the coffee champion. Cafe in Sloane Square that sell espresso, Americano and latte with coffee beans that began April.

Want to know where Jones got the raw materials that would make the famous cafe? He bought an exclusive package of 60 mixed Jamaica Blue Mountain and Kopi Luwak from Indonesia. Coffee beans include rare, because the harvest is less than 200 kg per year.

It is believed, Luwak (civet in Javanese) that can choose the best coffee beans on instinct. They chose soft seeds and eat them, but only the exterior that can be digested, while the rest are disposed of with dirt. Liquid waste that is believed to enrich the taste of coffee that mongoose.

Now, Jones customers can feel the sensation of Luwak coffee. While all the profits from sales will be donated to cancer patients.

One customer Jones, Hannah Silver (23) says, "I'm actually a little worried before trying, but I really liked it. Felt a little soil and very soft."


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