Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tomato, Drugs of Various Disease

Tomatoes, is the easiest plants encountered. The bright color really interesting. In addition to vitamin C and A, plum tomatoes supposed to cure various diseases.

If traced its history, or Lyopercisum esculentum tomato initially found around Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia. In France, the tomato is called 'apple of love' or pomme d'amour. Told as a love apple, because tomatoes are believed able to heal impotence and increase sperm counts and increase agility movements.

Tomatoes are also widely used for dishes, such as soup, juice, pasta, etc.. It was a bit sour and even make your appetite increase. Further studies by DR. John Cook Bennett from Wiloughby University, Ohio, as the first to examine the benefits of tomatoes, in November 1834, shows that tomatoes can cure diarrhea, attacks bile, indigestion and restore the function lever. Other researchers from the Rowett Research Institute in Aberdeen, Scotland, also found other benefits of tomatoes. According to him, a yellow gel surrounding tomato seeds can prevent blood clotting and clotting that can lead to heart disease and stroke.

It is also recognized by the doctors of nutrition, Dr. Leane Suniar Manurung, MSc. Seeing so many benefits of tomatoes, then either consumed any tomatoes at an early age. "Moreover, tomato is also high vitamin C and vitamin A, which is useful to boost immunity." But what kind of tomatoes consumed good? If you look at the market, we can find tomatoes in two colors, namely red and green colors. This color difference shows vitamin content. According Leane, a good tomato is red tomato consumption. Red tomatoes contain vitamin C and vitamin A five times more than the green tomatoes. The more ripe tomatoes, the rich content of vitamins. "Because it was a small child should be accustomed to eating lots of red tomatoes. This is essential for healthy eyes, "says Leane. So, no doubt giving the bullet a little tomato. Since the age of 6 months, a child begins to get used to eat tomatoes mixed with other vegetables. Destroying Free Radicals

In the red pigment in tomatoes, the other has more value. The red color in tomatoes more lycopene, a substance of antioxidants that can destroy free radicals in your body by smoking, pollution and ultraviolet rays. Also, later known lycopene is also efficacious help prevent cell damage that can cause cervical cancer, prostate cancer, stomach cancer and pancreatic cancer. "It was lycopene not only found in tomato, but also in red wine, watermelon and papaya. However, lycopene is the most abundant in tomatoes, "Leane light.

To get the benefits, especially for adults, tomatoes should be eaten every morning as much as one or two. Sour taste in tomatoes comes from citric acid content caused fresh tomatoes, so it can increase appetite. This sour taste is very good when we dokonsumsi experience nausea or consumed by the women who have PMS (Pre Menstrual Syndrome). If you can not take it with a sour taste, especially for those who have ulcer disease, Leane was not advised to consume even though in the form of juice that has added sugar, because it would aggravate the disease condition. Better Prepared.

Unlike the other vegetables more useful if eaten raw, turned out better tomatoes mixed with food or crushed before eating. The researchers found that lycopene in tomatoes was issued more than a tomato eaten directly without being processed first. Unfortunately, despite abundant lycopen content, tomato paste and tomato sauce are sold in the market has a lot of food laced with additives such as dyes or synthetic preservatives. "This additional material fact stimulate the emergence of many free radicals that trigger cancer.


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