Monday, March 29, 2010

Durable technique in bed [husband and wife]

Here are some simple tips "Durable technique in bed":

Thicker condoms

So, what can you do to prolong the sex drive? A more practical way is to use a better protection and more thick.

The next time you are faced with an intimate situation, try using a thicker condom to reduce sensation on the tip of your penis. In addition, this type of condoms will reduce the sensitivity of the organ so he can romance any longer.

Special cream
There are other ways to reduce the sensitivity of your penis head, with a special cream. Role cream is to "freeze" tip of the penis to allow you to have sex for a long time. This cream can be found in the shops (usually via online).

pull out your Penis
All men can anticipate when they reach orgasm, and at that time, they must immediately stop stimulation. To try this technique, the woman needs to be cooperative because after a few minutes, an erection will feel a little more "soft". But sex session can still proceed.

This technique has obvious advantages. First, women will have plenty of time to reach orgasm. Second, your orgasm will be delayed by a higher intensity than usual. This is a matter of time, so make sure you are able to pull out the penis is the right time.


Another technique is to masturbation. Of course masturbation is able to increase your sexual stamina. For if a man masturbate and reach orgasm in just a few minutes, then chances are, he will more quickly achieve orgasm during intercourse with a partner.

Techniques you can do with masturbation is stopped just before ejaculation and start again when the sensation was gone. It is basically to train the organs men last longer when approaching orgasm.


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