Monday, March 15, 2010

Early Signs of Pregnancy

signs of pregnancy

There are many signs of pregnancy. Here are some signs that indicate the possibility of pregnancy:

1. Fatigue
Pregnant and tired and hamilMudah preparation lackluster is one sign of pregnancy. Increased levels of the hormone progesterone, which occurs early in pregnancy is thought to cause drowsiness. Usually, this fatigue will be ended after the age of two trimester of pregnancy.

2. Breast swelling
Early signs of pregnancy is breast swollen and sensitive that caused by increased hormone levels, usually occurs a week after your period late. Discomfort due to swelling is similar to the usual symptoms we feel before menstruation.

3. Nausea and vomiting
Symptoms of nausea and vomiting commonly experienced by pregnant women commonly referred to as morning sickness. These symptoms can appear at any time, not only in the morning. In general, pregnant women had experienced a month after conception, but there is also a feel faster.

4. Bleeding slightly
Approximately 11-12 days after conception, sometimes reddish spots appeared in the vagina. The bleeding occurs because the seeds are embedded in the lining of the uterus. Generally, red patches or pinkish looking for 1-2 days. Similar bleeding can be a symptom of disease in the reproductive tract.

5. Smell is more sensitive
In the first trimester, many pregnant women feel more sensitive to smell a particular scent. There are sick certain cooking smells or perfume. Unknown scientific reason this phenomenon, but may occur due to increased estrogen levels dramatically in the body system.

6. Frequent urination
In the first months of pregnancy, pregnant women will be more diligent back and forth to the toilet to urinate. Why? This occurs because the increased circulation of blood and fluids in the body, is also pressure on the urinary tract due to enlargement of the uterus.

7. Temperature rises
If at the beginning of your pregnancy to measure body temperature, you will notice your body temperature increases so much warmer.

8. No menstruation
If your menstrual cycle had always been regular but this month too late, maybe you should immediately seek a pregnancy test to ensure the existence of pregnancy.

9. Nipple/breast more tender
If you are pregnant, you will notice that your breasts and nipples become tender around three weeks after conception (when your period is about one week late). Maybe breasts felt swollen, like just before menstruation.

10. Darkening areolas
In early pregnancy, you may recognize the areola (the dark area surrounding the nipple) begin to darken and increase in diameter. It is believed that the darker color of the areola helps the newborn find the nipple for breastfeeding. You may also be recognized that the veins in the breasts become more visible due to tension breasts.

11. Constipation
Bowel movement (BAB) is difficult and not well? This commonly occurs in early pregnancy. The extra hormones produced during pregnancy cause the intestines to relax and become less efficient.

12. Softening of the uterus and cervix
Usually, happened about 2-8 weeks of gestation.

13. No appetite
Maybe something to do with nausea nausea above.

14. Vaginal Discharge/whitish or excessive discharge from the vagina due to hormonal influences.
This includes normal. However, observations should continue to be done if there is a change color, odor and itching occurs or a sense of "burning".

15. Insomnia
Some cases, pregnant women usually have trouble sleeping.

16. Enlarged uterus and stomach
Generally, starting at 8-12 weeks of gestation.

17. There are abnormalities in the teeth and oral cavity
There are some typical signs of pregnancy on the teeth and oral cavity. For more details, please read on (click)
- Manifestation of pregnancy in the oral cavity
- Dental and mouth care during pregnancy

18. Flu/cough/bloody nose/dizziness/migraine
Do not rush to swallow the medicine. Treatment naturally do first. It could be also this is a concern because the decline in immune system during pregnancy.

19. Pregnancy test
Test is "definitely" pregnancy if "positive", among others:
- Home pregnancy test like a pack tests conducted at home
- Ultrasound
- Office pregnancy test
- Pregnancy blood test
- An internal exam.

Actually, all pregnancy tests work to track the typical pregnancy hormone, namely human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG). This hormone can only be found in the blood or urine of pregnant women. When pregnant, would an increase in the hormone hCG in the body. And, an increase of this hormone is not the same in every person. Generally, these hormones begin to rise about a week after ovulation. However, pregnancy tests should be done when your period for 2 weeks late.

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