Sunday, March 14, 2010

56 Patients with HIV/AIDS in North Sumatra Dies

Medan, 4/12 (Antara) - During the period January-October 2009 recorded 469 HIV/AIDS in North Sumatra and 56 of them died.

Section Head of Direct Transmitted Disease Prevention (P2ML) North Sumatra Health Office, Sukarni, in Medan, on Friday, said the reports from the team that went into the field to show as many HIV positive cases and 40 cases of the remaining 429 cases of AIDS.

"Transmission of HIV/AIDS in North Sumatra quite vulnerable, especially due to group sex and drug users injecting drugs," he said.

Free sex and drug user groups with a syringe, according to him, dominating the spread of HIV/AIDS compared to blood transfusion.

It predicts the number in the field more than that recorded, because the data obtained only from voluntary counseling clinic test (VCT) hospitals.

According to him, cases of HIV/AIDS is an iceberg phenomenon, namely that only a small portion visible on the surface and the patient is not detected more numerous.
The spread of the deadly disease was dangerous enough to worry about in North Sumatra, because since the year 2007 recorded 448 positive cases and 269 people contracted the virus, whereas the negative 179 and 42 people died, he said.

In 2008 a decline in the positive cases and 186 died only seven people.

Most people in North Sumatra who are infected with HIV/AIDS productive age between 20 to 45 years, he said.


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