Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tips Prevent Cavities

tips prevent cavities

To prevent the occurrence of holes in the teeth, you can perform the following tips:

1. Checking your teeth regularly
Visit your dentist every 6 months even though you do not feel the toothache. This is needed so that doctors could detect a small hole which happens to teeth and can be handled immediately so that no bigger hole. Can also detect the uneven teeth or grooved teeth which can cause difficult to clean.

2. Brushing your teeth regularly and at the right time
The morning after breakfast, and evening before bed is a great time to brush my teeth. Saliva is not much out of our time sleeping, so the teeth will be damaged if you let the rest of the food on the teeth without the brush. Saliva is useful to protect teeth from cavity-causing bacteria.

3. Brushing teeth with the right way
While brushing teeth has been carried out regularly, but if done in a way that is not true, of course the result will not be maximized. The right way is to brush downward to the front teeth (incisors) the top, brushing towards the top to the bottom front teeth and brush horizontally for molars. Brushing teeth should be longer, because this tooth has the potential to stick leftovers.

4. Mouthwash after meals
Brushing teeth is not possible after we eat, the best way is to rinse out his mouth so that leftovers do not keep sticking and reduce the acid in the dental situation.

5. Use dental floss to remove food scraps
Time food is left, should not be removed by using a toothpick. Use a toothpick can cause a gap between the larger teeth on the side can cause injury to the gums.

6. Choose a toothpaste that contains fluoride
Using toothpaste that contains fluoride. This substance is one of the tooth enamel forming materials. The existence of these substances can prevent tooth decay.

7. Eat fibrous foods
Consuming vegetables or fruits can prove stronger teeth and prevent cavities.

8. Reduce foods containing sugar and flour
This type of food if left on the teeth and the bacteria will cause acids that create cavities.

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