Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Overcoming Toothache

Overcoming Toothache

We can to overcome the toothache of any technique below:

With shell Oil Palm

Coconut shell or coconut shell in the hollow coconut meat former coals were then placed in a bowl. Once the bowl is thick yellow liquid coming out of the shell, this shell of oil/shell. Take the cotton and dip or bump less important oil seep in cotton. Enter cotton soaked in oil then perforated teeth bite hard. In a relatively short time the pain will disappear.

With the frangipani tree sap or oil of cloves

Enough cotton dipped in oil of cloves, then put into a hollow tooth. Cotton soaked with a frangipani tree sap can also relieve tooth pain.

Overcoming Toothache With avocado seed

Take the avocado seeds, cleaned and pounded until smooth. Enter this avocado seed powder into a hollow tooth. The pain will soon disappear.

Overcoming Toothache With red onion

Take a single spring onions. Rub on the feet thumb interrupted. If the toothache is the right of the rubbed between the big toe on the right and vice versa. Rub it until the pain subsided.

Overcoming Toothache With garlic

Take a garlic clove a single bulbous (Java = lanang onion) finely crushed and enter the hole in the tooth. Do not chew, bite strong enough to stick to the onions cavities.

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