Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Noni Fruit against tumors and cancer

An interesting paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Association fin. Cancer Research to-83 in San Diego, California, in 1992 was the "Anti-tumor activity Morinda citrifolia on Lewis Lung Carcinoma in Mice injected." In this study, rats were given an injection of an active Lewis Lung Carcinoma (a type of cancer). All the mice that did not get the treatment with Noni die in 9-12 days due to cancer.

Whereas rats treated with Noni survive 105 percent to 123 percent longer (40 per cent of the rats that live up to 50 days or more). This study was repeated several times and each time Mengkudu (NONI) proven to significantly extend the life-aged mice with cancer compared with rats not treated with Noni. In summary, the results of this study revealed that Noni can inhibit tumor growth.

There are several cases of cancer patients who consumed Noni fruit juice and be cured, among other cases of his patients. Harrison (DC General Hospital), who suffered from liver cancer and stomach swelling caused by excess fluid. During the 7 days to consume Noni juice, swelling in the stomach significantly reduced. Testing of the liquid touched her stomach showed that cancer cells had disappeared.

According to Drs. Judah Folkman of Harvard University, Noni works synergistically with other micronutrients in blocking blood flow to the tumor cells. The mechanism is similar to squalen oil (from shark liver) that control brain tumor growth and prolong the life of experimental mice with damaged equipment that supply blood circulation to the tumor cells.

Noni fruit's ability as an analgesic substance has been known in the history of traditional medicine, so this plant is called "Painkiller tree" or "headache tree". Scientific research has proven beneficial effects of Noni to overcome the pain. In 1990, researchers found a significant relationship between dose of Noni juice extract with analgesic activity of rats (generally, the more widely used, its analgesic effect will be stronger).

Many theories that describe how the mechanism of pain Noni. One of them is Dr theory. Ralph Heinicke (famous biochemist from the U.S.) who said that xeronine who played a role in relieving pain. This is associated with the ability to normalize protein xeronine cells abnormal, including cells of brain tissue, where it comes pain.

Several cases of chronic pain such as headaches constantly, muscle pain and joint pain nerves healed after consuming Noni juice.


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