Monday, March 29, 2010

How to Lower Blood Sugar

This way of lowering blood sugar may be the recipe from my neighbor, though it seems quite impossible but for the sake of my mother treatment, I try to stay as well. according to the "Mak lan" the name of my neighbors was the way she lowered her blood sugar had reached 500 up to 280 within a few days just by eating the "Undur-Undur" and small animal hole digger maker sand, like the picture besides, how else very easily just by eating the 3 of undur-undur. That is inserted into the banana and conducted for 3 consecutive days, and the results are remarkable blood sugar can drop very rapidly (500 off 280).

Apparently, this powerful way strengthened by one of the sources of my friends who work in batam named "Rusli", he said once his friend bought the drug from the sense of blood sugar (Chinese medical experts) to his father that shaped capsules that cost Rp.250rb, 2 x-consuming capsules father's blood sugar dropped dramatically, the friend was curious because the efficacy of this capsule which only eat 2 undur-undur, a direct blood sugar can go down, then he bought the capsule again and try to see its contents, apparently inside the capsule there are 3 tail "undur-undur", small animals as I told above.

Seeing the fact that my mother had tried it, I painstakingly look for it, go along the edge of the house and tore-abriknya with a small spoon. New to 3 tails and overnight've eaten, lived 6 tails should I be looking again today. hopefully this is useful way to help lower blood sugar and my mother was not in vain I publish this article to help others who are experiencing the same thing.


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