Thursday, March 4, 2010

Manfaat Wortel untuk Mata - Carrots Benefit to Eye

An elementary school teacher was teaching his students about the health benefits of carrots for the eye.

Then the teacher asked the students.

Teacher: Children, who liked to eat carrots?

Pupils: (Almost the same except Arya) I am, sir, me, me, me ...

Teacher: Arya, why are you silent? You do not like to eat carrots?

Arya: No, sir. I like carrots, but please indicate if the carrot is always beneficial for our eyes.

Teacher: Oh really. Well. You know what rabbits eat, Arya?!

Arya: Carrots, sir.

Teacher: Well, you've seen a rabbit wear glasses?

Arya: No, sir ???!!!

Teacher: It's clear now?

That Carrots so useful to eyes.. hahha


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