Sunday, March 28, 2010

How to Make baby food, age 6 months

Before we talk about how to make food for babies aged 6 months in advance to find out what became food for babies six months. To find food for babies 6 months please go to foods-for-infants-6-months

How to make

- Starting from rice flour porridge very dilute one day, approximately 1/2 tablespoons of the first experiment. Why rice? Rice has a low risk of allergy.

- If the baby is getting used to eating, can be added or added portions porridge consistency. Shape over time need not food was too soft, like porridge for adults.

- Always try to introduce new foods to babies with given the time to wait 4 days to see whether the baby smoothly allergic reaction to food. Begins by giving a sense of each time adding the menu. If looks do not cause allergic reactions, the next day can be mixed with another feeling that was caught not cause allergic reactions, too. Do not limit the type of food for your baby, even though it was not food that you like.

- Some people suggested to provide vegetables before fruit is given, so the baby does not know in advance more fruit sweetness.

- If the baby is accustomed to eating once a day, can be added to two times a day and then became three times.

- Stimulation child to chew. If a baby can be seen chewing movement though not yet have teeth, can begin to be given food that is not too soft like a small piece of banana (do not softened), pieces of papaya, mango, or too little hard foods like pieces of dry bread, carrots, apples, pieces of cheese, so the baby can not bite could only gnaw. Let them hold and try nibbling. Babies do not chew food using the teeth, but suppressed by the gums. Make sure that the food given to infants has no potential to make him choke and always supervised while eating. Familiarize children from an early age to chew him to ease out of a soft food.

Foods to avoid

- Honey. Not recommended for babies under one year, because there are likely to get the bacteria Clostridium Botulinum. Babies do not have immunity against these bacteria.

- Salt. Baby foods should not be given a strong salt because they have not been processed by the kidneys. Breast milk and formula are suitable for salt in the body

- Sugar. Let the baby is not accustomed to the sweet taste that can damage teeth.

- Nuts. In addition there is the possibility of choking, nuts are also very potentially cause allergic reactions

- Cow's milk as a beverage. Not enough fat content, nutrients (especially iron), and calories. Too much sodium. Also the potential to become allergens. Except for dairy products like cheese, are allowed after 6-month-old baby.

Note - At the age of 6-8 months, breast milk or formula is still the main source of baby food. Other foods just extra.

- Always wait 4 days to introduce new food to him, to see whether the baby has an allergic reaction to food.


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