Saturday, March 13, 2010

7 Tips Healthy for Drinking Coffee

For those who liked the coffee, there are tips to stay healthy and look to enjoy your favorite of coffee.

1. Dosage
There are currently no accurate measure of the dose of coffee can in the consumption, but most researchers say 300mg caffeine (1 - 3 cups of coffee) per day does not give negative effects in most healthy people

2. Danger signals
Try to recognize the danger signals of coffee such as palpitations, anxiety, sleep disturbances and emotional. If the signal is perceived, immediately stopped drinking coffee or reduced.

A person who has a habit of coffee consumption will experience "caffeine withdrawal" when to stop consuming coffee, usually characterized by throbbing headache symptoms, but these symptoms will disappear after 24-48 hours or get more caffeine.

3. Listen Response Body
Every person varies in caffeine consumption limits, there is consume 2 cups of coffee a day is not a problem, there is also a bad experience with the effects of coffee consumption with the same amount. So, the best way is to listen to the response of each body.

4. Know Caffeine content
Note the recommended dose of caffeine, if it is almost past the recommended dose should not consume products that contain caffeine such as: softdrink, tea, chocolate, coffee candy, migraine headaches. Processing (roasting and Brewing) effect on the caffeine content in coffee.

5. Coffee Mix
By consuming 6 ounces of coffee, 5 milligrams of calcium in our bodies disappear, but it can be overcome by adding 2 tablespoons of milk to make espresso coffee or latte.
Mixture of coffee with alcohol less well, especially for those who have liver disorders, a mixture of coffee with cream should be avoided to reduce the excessive calories.
Attention! caffeine can interact with some drugs, for those who are taking medication should not consume caffeine.

6. Anti Coffee Group
These groups should avoid coffee: pregnant women, children, the elderly, people affected by heart disease and blood vessels. To this group must leave the coffee.

7. Check Up
Perform periodic health checks, especially in order to know the blood pressure. The earlier the better know hypertension, to avoid consuming caffeine.

I hope these 7 tips useful for you, especially those fond of coffee consumption.

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