Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Somethings that Need to know about breast

No one can change the natural breast size, unless you experience weight gain as well as hormonal changes during pregnancy or puberty. Therefore, do not be tempted with a variety of fast bids primarily with the pill or capsule is said to increase breast size.

If you are taking these drugs usually contain ingredients with estrogen-like effects without direct supervision by a physician will cause problems and if excess estrogen can cause breast cancer.

Other than breast milk consists of glands and fat also contain collagen. The more you age collagen will be thinned, and even buffer slack skin. Indeed no one can prevent that happening but you can wear the right bra should be started from a young age. Note also that good posture, because the body is upright can improve breast appearance. If you frequently do a lot of activities like aerobics beat, jogging, tennis, etc. will wear the appropriate bra that is capable of a sports bra for support while reducing the jolt.

Hormonal changes in the body is able to change the texture of breast skin. the breast tissue was very smooth for a few days after my period, but do not be surprised if your breasts feel swollen and sensitive to a week before menstruation. Not all women have breasts that size, just between the right to the left, even some of them, have a different cup sizes between the left and right breast, but it includes normal.

Perform regular breast care. Benefits in addition to maintaining its beauty as well to detect any abnormalities in the breast. Pay attention to the emergence of a mole, pain or lump in the breast that is when you are feeling.

Temperatures in the crook of the breast are usually higher or more hangar than other regions. If you want your parfurm spray smells more intense in the area. Pangs are set to make perfume molecules evaporate more quickly. Keep your body weight to remain stable because if the ever-changing drastically will cause weakening of muscle tissue supports the breast, as well as loss of elasticity of the skin. The results of breast skin will loosen and wrinkles appear.

It can not be raised breasts without the extra but you can establish appearance with exercise. Do the exercise focus on the chest muscles like lifting weights and swimming. Balk posture is also very helpful for example by standing and sitting with his back upright. When you want to perform maintenance such as using a moisturizer should be done with great caution, because the breast is very sensitive and avoid the use of moisturizers in the nipple area.

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