Saturday, March 27, 2010

Foods for Infants 6 Months

Entering the age of 6 months, your baby needs complementary feeding (MPASI). No need to confusion, many variations can be created porridge. Introduced bit by bit and make the variety of food.

MPASI first was introduced to a baby milk porridge. Use milk as the main ingredient. If it does not exist, then use the formula.

The first stage of type 1 introduced the dominant food containing carbohydrates. For example rice, is mixed with a little fruit or vegetables. Observe whether the new food allergic reactions that led to appear on the skin or in digestion. If you believe no interference occurs, the baby food can be combined with various other materials.

Introduction of various foodstuffs highly influential early in a child eating patterns later in life. To do so, vary the ingredients in preparing baby food menu with the rules adopted a diet of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals.

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Entering the age of 6 months babies can eat solid food. Types of food provided is also more diverse during the tenderness and consistency is adjusted according to the needs of babies and not given the salt or sugar.

Baby signs ready to eat solid food

These are characteristics that need to be considered even though your baby may not do everything

- He can hold his head up his own

- He could well sit in a chair

- Can make chewing movements

- Weight loss seemed to increase to approximately twice as much weight at birth

- Seen interested in food

- Can close my mouth when offered a spoon

- Can move food from mouth to mouth the front of the rear

- Can move the tongue, and no longer push food out with tongue

- There was still hungry after being given eight to ten times 1200 cc breast milk or formula milk

- Start Teething

Infant Food Type

- Breast milk or formula PLUS

- Porridge rice cereal or rice flour porridge

- Continued with sesame seeds, cereals other

- Puree vegetables (eg sweet potato, pumpkin) or pulp of fruit (eg bananas, apples, pears, avocado)

- Broth

- Items such as cow's milk cheese

- Beef, chicken, lamb, liver, and fish that have been refined. Fish is the recommended postponed until more than a year because of potential allergic reactions

- Red eggs. Egg whites have a permit before one year, there are also advocating delayed until more than a year because of potential allergic reactions

- Tofu

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