Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Noni fruit Benefits - Manfaat Buah Mengkudu

Research on Noni continues to grow, both conducted by the doctors and botanists and biochemists. Research focused on the components/structure which contains chemical Noni and its therapeutic effects against various diseases.

These studies show that Noni juice can stimulate the immune system, regulate cell function and regeneration of cells damaged body tissue. The fact that indicates that Noni can set cells on the bottom level of critical and it may explain why Noni can be used for a variety of health conditions.

The doctors in the United States has given many reports of success using Noni juice for his patients. Dr. Richard Dicks (from New Jersey, USA) says, "we began to realize that we must go back to the basics of our body. What is meant by metabolism in the body is burning nutrients. Noni juice protects our body by providing nutrients needed by the the body. "


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