Saturday, March 6, 2010

Breast Care Tips After Childbirth

Treatment of breast after birth is to always clean and easy to inhaled by the baby. Many women do not want to complain about feeding their babies, this could be due to technical factors such as entering the nipple or the wrong position. Of course, in addition to these technical factors, breast milk is also influenced by nutritional intake and psychological condition of the mother. Treatment of breast can also help facilitate milk expenditures, performed as early as possible after birth for 1-2 days.

Prepare the following tools and materials:

- Clean Coconut oil or baby oil.
- Glasses
- Warm and cold water in small bowl.
- 2 clean bath towel.
- Cotton
- Washlap or small towel to compress
- Compress your nipples with cotton soaked in oil or baby oil a few minutes.

Perform sequencing breast, as follows:

First sequencing
- slippery your hand with oil.
- Place both hands on the breasts.
- Sequencing made at the beginning towards the top, then your left hand towards the left and right palm toward the right side
- Do keep sequencing down and laterally.
- Repeat each movement 20 -30 for each of each breast.

The second type
- wedge left breast with the left hand while the closed right hand and massage with knuckle down the nipple.
-Request the right breast.
-Repeat every 20-30 for each breast movement.

Third sequencing
- Hold the base of the breast with both hands and then massage the base of the breast towards the nipple of 1 times.
Ordering Fourth
- Massage your nipples to come out and absorb the liquid milk with a clean place or glass.
- Compressing.
- Compress the breast with a warm towel for 2 minutes, then replace with cold water compresses 2 minutes and the last compress again with warm water 2 minutes.

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