Saturday, July 17, 2010

Symptoms of High Blood Diseases (Hypertension)

Hypertension is difficult to realize someone because hypertension has no specific symptoms. The symptoms are readily observable among others, namely:

1. Mild symptoms such as dizziness or headaches
2. Often agitated
3. Red face
4. Sore neck
5. Irritable
6. Ear buzzing
7. It's hard to sleep
8. Asphyxiate
9. Sense of weight in the nape
10. Easily tired
11. Dazed eyes
12. Nosebleed (bleeding from the nose).

Hypertension can be detected by measuring blood pressure regularly. Hypertensive patients, when not handled properly, will have a big risk to die from cardiovascular complications such as stroke, heart attack, heart failure, and kidney failure, damage caused by hypertension targets include:

* The brain: causes stroke
* Eyes: causes hypertension and retinopathy can cause blindness
* Heart: cause of coronary heart disease (including myocardial sac), heart failure
* Kidney: cause of chronic kidney disease, terminal renal failure.

Causes of High Blood Disease or Hypertension.

The cause of hypertension is often referred to as one of the degenerative disease. Generally, patients with hypertension do not know him before his blood pressure checked. This disease is also known to attack anyone from different age groups and socio-economic groups. But more commonly found in elderly, which is one risk factor.

Risk factor for hypertension, are among others:

* Stress.

* Factor Descent (Genetic).

* Age.

* Intake of Salt.

* A less healthy lifestyle.


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