Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pain Chickenpox, Children Must Stay Bath

WHEN chickenpox, whether your child should take a bath? The question often comes to mind Moms. So, is this justified?

According to Dr. Alan R Tumbelaka SpA (K) from the Division Infeks and Tropical Pediatrics, Department of Pediatrics Faculty of medicine-RSCM, despite being sick is no reason not to bathe, even for people with chickenpox.

There are said not to bathe, so that scars that resemble chicken pox scar tissue is fast drying. In fact, this assumption is wrong! Instead of viruses, bacteria or germs that are embedded in the surface of the skin will grow fast if not cleaned with a shower, for example.

"Actually, chickenpox will dry by itself during the treatment according to doctor's advice. Generally can dry out after one week later, "he answers reader questions Moms & Kiddie consultation, Thursday (07/22/2010).

About how to bathe your baby being exposed to chicken pox, he said, actually no specific rules. Only, do not rub like bathing in general, just washed it. Better use of antiseptic soap containing liquid, simply pour into the small tub.

"For water, can use tap water, no need to use boiled water. Keep in mind when drying your baby's body should not be scrubbed, Moms simply sticking a towel pressed in parts of the wet body to chicken pox scars are not open again, "he explained.

Recognizing Symptoms of Chicken Pox

According to Dr. Alan, chickenpox (Varisella simplex) is an acute and contagious disease caused by the varicella virus zooster. Transmitted through the air spark of mucus secretion, cough or sneeze. However, as the diseases caused by viruses, such as influenza, chicken pox can also recover by itself if not found complications. In other words, even if untreated immune little good and able to resist the virus, can heal by itself. With an incubation period of about 2-3 days.

"The initial symptoms the patient will experience a slight fever, runny nose, quick to feel tired, lethargic and weak. Usually parents are often deceived and ignored it because it considers only the common flu. When Moms jelly, signs like these are early symptoms of chicken pox, "he explained.

Symptoms continued, he added, small red spots usually appear that turned into a lump filled with fluid is clear and has a reddish base.

When it emerged spots like this, parents should immediately take the child to the doctor. Vesicle in 3-4 days (liquid containing water), they will spread throughout the body, first and then to the front of the chest, shoulders and other limbs.

At this stage, usually coupled with extreme itchiness all over his body. If it were so, the illness experienced by the small pox must be addressed urgently by the doctor and the medical team at a local hospital. (Tty)[]


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