Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Apple Vinegar Stabilize Blood Pressure

Apples are known to have many health benefits. When fermented into vinegar, apple still efficacious. Among these disorders can alleviate hypertension and vascular complaints, to lose weight.

Consumption of an apple a day will keep us from the doctor's room. The old adage was born not without meaning. Vitamin and mineral content of apples ensure the body remains fit and free from disease flogging.

It is estimated there are about 7000 varieties of apples around the world with diverse properties. Some studies reveal, potassium and potassium content of fruit was able to reduce risk of stroke, reduce blood sugar and cholesterol, and blood vessels healthy.

Most people eat apples in the form of fresh fruit. There is also a process into juice, plus extra syrup or other feelings. Others, there is a process it into vinegar.

Apple vinegar is the best source of soluble fiber, cholesterol free and fat, and contain sodium. Pectin content was also effective in suppressing blood vessel stopper bad cholesterol (LDL) and raise levels of good cholesterol (HDL). Matches to be drunk hot or cold.

Apple juice is antiseptic, so it can help reduce the amount of bad bacteria in the digestive tract, improve metabolism, improving blood flow, overcome the poisoning, as well as reduce the risk of obesity. The rest, apple vinegar also contain carotenoids, a source of vitamin A that works to increase stamina.

Not only through formal research, apple vinegar has long been known empirically efficacious than recognition. Mira example, several times to share experiences via e-mail and mailing lists to her friends work together on the apple vinegar.

"At first I bought 'apple cider' for my husband that there is a tendency of hypertension. Precisely my father who drank. He happened to be a problem with uric acid. Having finished two bottles, grate on the legs were much reduced, "said the mother of two children who live in this Depok.

He then advised her husband regularly consume apple vinegar. The result is not bad either, the husband's blood pressure gradually stabilized. Even so, she believed her husband's condition improved and the father not only because of apple vinegar, but because they also avoid foods trigger a complaint.

"Therefore, any friend who asked, I was cautioned not just consumption of apple vinegar, but must be accompanied by a willingness to live healthy," she said.

Weight Decrease
In South Jakarta, Effendi said, after a month of eating a tablespoon of apple vinegar mixed with half a glass of cold water before breakfast, fitness increases. "The first time you drink apple vinegar, it's very acidic, but after a long time casual. After three months, body weight decreased almost four pounds. Another effect that I feel, taste for fatty food to be reduced, "said 54-year-old man.

Other stories submitted Anita. Student majoring in advertising this final level of claims, could strike apple vinegar drink because it tastes less good. Later he found the right potion for herself, that is, two tablespoons of apple vinegar mixed with cold water plus a spoonful of honey to taste.

In addition to drunk directly, ordinary apple vinegar mixed into a soup, as well as raw salad dressings, barbeque sauce, and others. In some countries, apple vinegar can be found in the packaging of pills and sold as dietary supplements or vitamins.

The fermentation process to be balsamic vinegar, sugar from the apple liquid modified by the yeast, which is usually used to make champagne, a liquor with a concentration of about 5 percent. Initially sweet, then slightly bitter, then appears a perfect aroma of fruit. Sometimes the fermented liquid is used instead of wine in many recipes.

Because fermented, naturally arise in which the alcohol content. Even so, alcohol fermented trusted not cause a problem because instead of extra fluids, but of the apple itself.

What side effects? A study in Malaysia revealed, apple vinegar no side effect if consumed according to dose or no more than six teaspoons a day. Complaints often arise if consumed in excessive amounts is feeling dizzy, but it can be prevented by drinking lots of water as an antidote.

Blood basically resistant to acid (vinegar apple nature), the excess acid will be removed naturally through urine and sweat. Conversely, blood reactive to alkaline. This means the blood pH will rise when there are nutrients that is alkaline. Alkaline blood condition that tends to facilitate the body's disease.

Therefore, consume apple vinegar stay within the rules. Especially for those who have problems such as kidney disorders. Like other health advice, healing and fitness not only because of drugs or certain herbs, but rather the conscience to choose a balanced diet and healthy behavior.

Drinking or Mixed
Because a liquid, other than drunk directly, apple vinegar is often added to certain processed foods as a mixture. Include the following:

- To drink, apple vinegar directly consumed with a rate of one tablespoon diluted with half cup of water.

- Because it tastes sour, some people mix it with honey to make it more sweet. However, your high blood sugar levels should not add the honey. For treatment, two tablespoons of balsamic vinegar, one tablespoon of honey and a glass of water, stirring until blended.

- Apple vinegar can also be used for salad dressings. Usually mixed with other ingredients such as olive oil and egg whites.

- Apple vinegar can be purchased at the supermarket with a relatively cheap price.

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