Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Red Ginger Getting rid of Asthma

Acute asthma for many years to torture 'Sulastri Asmalia (35). When a relapse, the mother of four children could be unconscious. Not surprisingly, the hospital so her customers. After he routinely drink steeping the red ginger extract, the disorder is lost.

How tormented Lia, slender woman was so called, each at 13:00 to 14:00 and 21:00 to 22:00, asthma relapse. "It was like being strangled, huh ... hurt like hell," she describes the ordeal.

Nearly all day he could only stay in bed. The medicine is certainly to be her friend any shortness of breath comes. Be another story after she drinks red ginger extract of steeping, disturbances in breathing was no longer disturbing.

More Spicy
Anti-asthmatic potion that he got from his neighbors who have similar complaints. Every day Lia drinking two large glasses of steeping the red ginger on morning and evening. Any way make it simple. Thumb-sized ginger rhizome dimemarkan hands and then boiled with 1.5 cups of water until the remaining 1 cup, then drink all at once. Thankfully, until now Lia is no longer susceptible to interference, shortness of breath.

Red Ginger is a lot of the herbalist prescribed as one of the asthma medication. According to DR Suwijiyo Pramono, Faculty of Pharmacy Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta, the possible effect of antihistamines on merahlah ginger relieve asthma.

Red Ginger is a plant herb pseudo trunked upright and unbranched.

Zingiberaceae berfamili this plant stems, small round green and somewhat hard. The leaves are arranged criss-regular intervals.

Plant height was no more than 60 cm. The size of the red ginger ginger smaller than other types. As the name implies, this ginger-colored orange-red to the young. This coarse fibrous plants. Texture coarse stems and small round reddish-green.

Latin name Zingiber officinale plant, said Bambang Sudewo, herbalist from PJ Kedhaton Sekar, Yogyakarta, is rich in benefits. As a traditional medicine, it is clear Dewo, so he addressed, ginger, red has been chosen. This is because the essential oil content, substance gingeral, and oleoresin or substance that gives a sense of bitter and spicy higher than an elephant ginger and ginger CVD.

According Dewo, red ginger efficacious as a laxative, anthelmintic, anti-rheumatic, and release into the wind. Also efficacious to warm the body, appetite enhancer, the release of sweat, as well as preventing and treating colds. In addition, it is also efficacious to overcome sore throat (bronchitis), arthritis, back pain,, stomach pain, increase stamina, treat headaches, muscle aches, premature ejaculation, breast milk facilitator, and relieve asthma.

Mbah Sarpinyem, peddlers of herbal medicine in Klithikan Pakuncen, Yogyakarta, also provides a mixing of red ginger to buyers who experience shortness of breath because of asthma.


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