Friday, July 9, 2010

Blood Type O Diet

These tips and tricks for you that blood group O and intend to diet. remember, yes, the diet was not just skinny, but healthy. Happy Diet! ..

In his book Dr. Peter JD'Adamo said that based on the evolutionary history of about 50 000 to 25 000 years BC, the ancestors of humans have the same blood type, namely O. They are true hunters who consume meat are always ravin. For that reason Dr. Peter JD'Adamo suggested that the owner of the O blood group more foods high protein, low carbohydrate diet with plenty to eat meat or fish but avoid dairy products and wheat.

The owner of the O blood group free to consume meat and fish mixed with olive oil. In addition, free to consume eggs, nuts, but should limit fruit. While foods that should really be avoided is a cereal, various types of pasta and rice. To get the maximum stamina Dr. Peter JD'Adamo recommends aerobic exercise movement of movements like the hunters.

Characteristic of type O blood

* Have the immune system is higher than other blood types.
* Easy to adapt to a variety of foods in an environment which is occupied.
* To cope with stress are advised to do aerobic.
* It is recommended to consume foods high in protein and low in carbohydrates, such as meat, fruit, fish, vegetables.
* When the consumption of foods that do not fit, then you are at risk of contracting a disease caused by inflammation and damage to organs such as arthritis.

The recommended diet:

* Breakfast: 2 slices buttered toast layered fruit + One Banana
* Snack lunch: Herbal Tea
* Lunch: A piece of roast beef + spinach + Apple Salad
* Afternoon Snack: A piece of cake
* Dinner: A piece of lamb and asparagus boiled potatoes + boiled + Fruit + Herbal Tea

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