Tuesday, July 20, 2010

10 Ways To Keep Sex BURNING

Who says love and sex is no longer thrilling after a legally married? Instead you will get love and sex better after your status as husband and wife, of course if you know the secret.

So what's the secret? Yes, with little effort, the couple relationship will continue red-hot.

Here are 10 tips you can do when it ran out of clever ideas for your spouse's surge, which quoted from about.com site.

1. Give Notice More details.

Try to make note of something that she liked when shopping and then bought specially for her. Make it as a surprise, not because of certain reasons. Put in place that would be found

2. Do something that can make dreams come true.

Try to do something that shows you care and listen to him. For example, a wife when you say you want the kitchen painted a certain color, but he can not possibly do alone. So unbeknownst to him, you immediately do so. But make sure if the color you select the right color.

3. Have fun dating outside the home.

Unbeknownst to the couple, you can buy a special outfit that you want to see a husband or wife to wear, to wear a night out on the town. Leave a message, that you want him to wear the clothes and the treaty met at the same place-same time you know their location.

4. Express a sense of love through writing.

In order to taste a very special partner, you can dedicate your blog to your spouse. Or maybe even write something that makes her feel very in favor.

5. Give the gift of love songs.

If you can sing, then sing a love song for your partner from your home garden or balcony. But if you can not sing, do not be disappointed once, you can bring a set of DVD player contains songs of love, then Sing like in Indian films. Make sure choose a romantic song or who leave the impression for both of you.

6. Always show affection.

Buttocks pinching husband or wife, or give a kiss to show that you still think she is the hottest person on this planet. That would make her feel safe dealing with you.

7. Show a sense of love in the picture.

Try to create a special scrapbook just for your husband or wife. Contents, possibly in the form of photographs of your most sensual or erotic as being outdoors.

Share a 'secret' when in the open was capable of making memories together, to improve the quality of your relationship.

8. Send SMS/short message.

Without any reason, you can send a short message containing the sweet words every few hours. Although looks trivial but is able to make your partner feel special.

9. Surprises in the form of a romantic vacation.

Prepare a surprise for your partner to spend a long weekend somewhere special. You can choose the beach or the mountains far from the commotion of the city.

But make sure, that your husband or wife does not need to do anything. You do all the planning. He only knew that it was time for a romantic adventure.

10. To linger in bed.

Try to spend your time with your partner in bed all day. Make sure food and drinks, is available at the bedside. During that period, you free yourself to do a kiss, hug, have sex, then sleep.

And, it could be done again and again. Certainly, when I woke up the next morning you will feel your life is more alive than ever.

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