Saturday, July 3, 2010

Wary of eating disorders

Woment Health - Did you know that women are far more worried about excess weight than men, although cases of "overweight" actually happened to many men? You also know that pregnant women often feel stressed and not by her pregnancy, but by the swelling of his body weight?

The facts have proved that eating disorder knows no bounds. Anyone can experience it, though most of those who have problem with diets is teenage girls and young women. No matter the age, race, gender, social strata and occupations. Prevalence of anorexia, bulimia, eating hooked, and other eating disorders is clearly visible all around us.

The evidence suggests the following things:
Eating disorders themselves actually do not only relate to food, body shape and weight alone. Eating disorders was also covers issues of identity and self-concept is influenced by many factors.

Well, some things that indicate eating disorders, among others:

* Refusing to eat

* Contrary to the above, really enjoy eating

* Feeling guilty about eating hooked

* Denial of hunger

* Regurgitate food

* Sports excessive

* Reject the presence of friends or relatives

* Feeling perfek

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