Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Excess perspiration, it normal?

Sweating is normal. However, if excessive, can cause problems. You can imagine how someone could not believe her in the association if the armpit area is always wet from excessive sweat production. Unfortunately again if the unpleasant smell caused by excessive perspiration. This problem is a classic problem that is very often found in Indonesia, is associated with a tropical climate.

Actually, sweat is the body's mechanism in an effort to release heat from the body. In general, the body will sweat when the heat gets stimulation, both in body and air temperature. Sweat also came out when people are exercising so that heat from the body out. "Therefore, the sweat become one of the body's defense mechanism to maintain skin moisture," said Retno Iswari Tranggono, MD, dermatologist and beauty of Ristra House.

However, the problem would be different if the production of excessive sweating and running almost all the time. Problems that would arise are feeling less comfortable and declining confidence. "Shame really feels when meeting with clients and there are marks of sweat in the armpits of my shirt," said Arien. Employees of private companies in Blok M area was claimed that he was easy to perspire when feeling nervous or emotional excess.

Excessive sweating or in the medicine called hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis is caused by excessive stimulation of the nerves associated with sweat glands. Conditions are not calm emotions, such as fear, nervousness, or anxiety can cause hyperhidrosis. There alleged if the hereditary factor contributing cause hyperhidrosis.

In patients with hyperhidrosis, usually sweat out in the hands, feet, underarms, face and head. One thing that might be quite entertaining that hyperhidrosis is purely confined to the problem of too active glands produce sweat all the time. There is no hiding behind a disease condition that often becomes the subject of this women. "If hyperhidrosis caused by emotional state, this state is just the reaction of the body and will not last long," continued Retno Tranggono.

A slightly different situation when the whole body (not just confined to the armpit) are often flooded with sweat at night, especially when you're sleeping, whether it is hot or cold weather. There could be a disease as the culprit. "Usually, diabetes mellitus, lung diseases such as tuberculosis, heart disease, and hyperthyroid disease that can cause hyperhidrosis," said Retno Ristra also the founder of the Institute of Skin Health and Beauty of this Science.

But, of course must be accompanied by a number of other clinical symptoms such as shaking someone often, but eat a lot more body care, body temperature higher than its normal state and so forth. This situation also could be due to the effects of a medication that is being undertaken. If you are not experiencing any health problems other than this excessive sweat, chances are you experiencing idiopathic hyperhidrosis, which means the causes of excessive sweating is not known to you ..

Various efforts are often simple to solve the problems we hear disturbing for people who do a lot of social contact with others. For example, by drinking a variety of traditional herbal ingredients such as tamarind and turmeric leaf beluntas.

Medically, the most easy and secure way to overcome the problem of excessive sweating is to make lifestyle changes that include the selection of clothing. Not advisable to wear tight clothing, nylon, polyester, or wool (except at cold temperatures), and also a hat. For the face, may be able to use baby powder with sprinkled evenly and thinly. In addition, for hyperhidrosis is caused by stress, it helps the patient learn to manage his emotions. It could also stop using a drug that is used if hyperhidrosis is caused by the use of drugs.

The use of new drugs is recommended if the first way did not work. Drugs that are most easy to use deodorant. Deodorant to reduce sweating although temporary.

"Deodorants containing aluminum chloride antiperspirants or absorb perspiration is excessive," he said.

If the regular use of antiperspirants are not effective to put the brakes on excessive production of sweat glands, try using antiperspirants from a stronger group. For example, certain drysol or dry. In some people with sensitive skin types, the active ingredients contained in them sometimes cause irritation to the skin effect. So, use it at night and do not forget to clean the next morning. Expected effects usually appear within 1-2 weeks.

Because sweat production is influenced by neural koliner, aka the right type of oral drugs are medicines that can lower anticholinergic class of sweat production. However, often side effects such as dry mouth, nausea, and difficult urination and bowel movement (constipation). While sedation usually does not respond to hyperhidrosis is influenced by emotional stress.

In addition, current techniques can be used iontoforesis, namely providing electrical stimulation to the skin thus obstructing the sweat glands. Only, the limitations of this method is the length of time required for the therapeutic and side effects such as skin irritation, dryness, to exfoliate.

Another option is to do botox injections in areas that are often diaphoretic. Botox itself is an extract from the venom botolinum (botolinum toxic), which was originally used to prevent wrinkling of the skin. "Because Botox works by paralyzing the nerves, so it is used to paralyze the nerves that affect the production of sweat," said Retno.

Currently, this method is being used in Australia's best-selling and the United States to cope with hyperhidrosis because, among other things, high effectiveness (effective for 6-8 months). Side effects, among others, the patient will feel pain, discomfort, and may experience stiff facial muscles for a while.

If others are not effective ways to overcome excessive sweating, the way the operation can be achieved. "With the record, if the patient really bother with hyperhidrosis suffered," said Retno.

In the process of this surgery, doctors would be lifting some of the sweat glands to reduce the amount of sweat production. Also raised depending on the areas where the most sweat.

The method is more profitable operations due to the effects of a longer or permanent. Side effects that may arise at the same operative methods such as surgical methods in general, such as bleeding during and after surgery, infection, accumulation of serum, lymph inflammation, discomfort in the upper arm, feeling numb, and can occur in people who have keloid at kaloid talent.


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