Friday, July 2, 2010

Right Step Overcome Food Poisoning

Babies, or the little one had to vomit because of food poisoning? Oh, do not let happen yes' Moms! First aid is certain to be done correctly so that the result is not fatal. So what kind of symptoms and relief worth doing?
Poisoning Symptoms

In children, symptoms appear to be faster because the condition of the body more vulnerable. Range from two hours after eating contaminated food will be quickly visible. Symptoms include:

1. Stomach cramps
2. Fever
3. Vomiting
4. CHAPTER often, sometimes mixed with blood, pus or mucus
5. Feeling weak and mengigil
6. Loss of appetite

Symptoms of food poisoning can be seen ranging from four to 24 hours after the contaminated baby food poison. These symptoms may last three to four days.

But be careful! These symptoms may last much longer if the child is still eating poisoned food inadvertently contaminated.

First Actions

- Check the temperature of his body, if the vomiting and frequent bowel movements.
- Check the stool, if there is mucus or blood.
- Lay your baby, do not give food to be chewed.
- Immediately give help when developing symptoms of dehydration such as dizziness, confusion, vomiting and bowel movements. Diarrhoea and vomiting is one serious threat as food poisoning.
- Instead, give ORS little by little.
- If ORS not available, give water mixed with salt and sugar.
- Drink fluids every hour and if you can not handle it, your doctor promptly.
- Better not to use drugs to stop diarrhea, because this is the way the body to eliminate toxins or bacteria that cause poisoning
- Avoid fatty foods and milk to avoid a worsening of symptoms.
- Keep drinking fluids to prevent dehydration and replace electrolytes such as coconut water, this is very helpful because a lot of lost fluids.
- Avoid beverages containing caffeine.
- If you refuse to drink any liquid, try to give a melon with a smoked-suction.

When a doctor?
1. If your child is still vomiting and diarrhea while fluid intake is not maximized.
2. If your toddler is still willing and able to drink, but his condition has not shown signs that lead to better within 12 hours.
3. If doctors can not handle it immediately, immediately take the child to the nearest hospital emergency room.

Accurate On Canned Food

Practical! That's the main reason that is often thrown to eat canned food. But Moms know if canned food poisoning due to risk caused Clostridium botulinum. This bacterium is often found in canned foods that have been damaged.

These are the defects that need to be alert on canned foods:

1. Flat Sour

Tin surfaces remain flat and not damaged one bit, but the contents inside the can is damaged and the sharp-smelling acid. This damage is caused by the activity of heat-resistant bacterial spores are not destroyed during the sterilization process.

2. Flipper

Cans look normal without damage, but when one end of the can is pressed, then the other end will be convex.

3. Springer

One end was flat and normal cans, while the other end looks convex permanent. When the convex part is pressed, then the end will mean that still looks convex.

4. Swell

Both ends of the cans is already visible convex due to gas forming bacteria. Swell (convex) is divided into the soft swell of soft and still can be pushed a little with your fingers, and the hard swell of loud and could not be pressed into.


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