Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Broccoli 'Powerful Prevents Breast Cancer'

As quoted from - Broccoli indeed been often mentioned as one of the vegetables that can prevent and overcome breast cancer. This has been proven through various studies about the benefits of broccoli is done by scientists.

Chemical compounds found in vegetables are targeting the cells that become food for tumor growth. High content of sulforaphane in broccoli can kill cancer stem cells, and preventing the development or spread of disease.

Researchers from the University of Michigan has successfully completed laboratory tests on rats and cell cultures. Study author, Professor Duxin Sun, said, "We have already studied how often the effect of sulforaphane on cancer, but this study shows that the benefit is in the stem cells inhibit breast cancer."

Every year, in the UK found about 46,000 cases of breast cancer, with 12,000 deaths. Recent chemotherapy treatments do not work against cancer stem cells, which causes the disease can recur and spread to other areas. Get rid of cancer stem cells believed to be very important to control tumor development.

Because these laboratory experiments are not tested on patients with breast cancer, researchers suggest that we not only add sulforaphane supplements in our diet. This is intended as an anticipation to prevent or treat cancer.

Currently they are also developing their own methods to extract and protect these chemicals, and will continue the clinical trial to test the process.

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