Sunday, July 4, 2010

Herbs Aligning Body Function

HERBAL not only be used as a traditional herb that can be consumed for good health. Herb also worked to align the body functions.

Today, people rarely take advantage of the properties of herbs. In fact, if we know, is a storehouse for herbal health. It said an expert who is also a naturopathic physician, Dr. Siregar H dr Amarullah FBIHom, DIHom, DNMed, Msc, MA, PhD, that the average person prefers to treat the pain without having to remove the tip of the root causes of illness.

Amarullah said many people still have the wrong paradigm of treatment. Generally, each event of a complaint, they immediately treated, but the root of the problem is not searchable. If only a cure, it does not eradicate the roots of disease. Thus, the source of the illness should be sought so that they can look for a solution.

High blood pressure, for example. This disease generally only be appeased or stabilized with medication. In fact, the roots are in kidney disease and organ that is supposed to be restored vitality. "The paradigm we should be modified, not medication but have healed," said the heart specialist is currently attending a seminar themed "Healthy with Herbs" held PT Deltomed Laboratories, in Jakarta, some time ago.

Amarullah explained, that our body actually awakened by the unity which all systems are interconnected. So if there is one part of the sick, the healthy side should be empowered.

In this case, the concept is balance. "Precisely in times of pain, any part of a healthy body should be empowered to help the sick," said the doctor was born 19 September 1960.

In the uncertain weather conditions that occur now due to the impact of global warming, we should keep ourselves to avoid the disease, starting from mild to severe illness, such as a disease frequently encountered daily, such as flu or colds.

"The condition of excellence required to survive at any time and prevents the entry of disease," said the doctor who earned a lot of the health of Americans. Data from research American Health Coaches Association (AHCA) stated that the human body in tiptop condition or health is said in just two days a week. The rest upon a variety of ailments such as colds, headaches, sore.

Doctors who pursue herbal medicine (naturopathic) believed that this herb to harmonize the system of human body, should be consumed is something natural, such as herbs. Herbs have the ability to improve the overall system and work up to a range of cell and molecular.

In fact, Hippocrates (Father of Medicine) has ever claimed that it is only natural ability to repair and in accordance with the conditions of the human body. That is why, the role of natural medicine using herbs believed to be the most appropriate treatment. Therefore, only the herbs that can align functions with the ill body to restore its vitality.

"Work is analogous to the philosophy of herbal postman. Efficacy of herbal plants will be sent to the organs that need it, while the organs that are not needed will not enter, "he said.

Amarullah still say, that modern medicine aims to treat more symptoms of the disease, but does not cure the source. Unlike the case with herbal medicine has a holistic approach between body, mind and soul. Although traditional medicine should be consumed in the long term and does not give immediate effects such as modern medicine, the healing effect remains the same.

"Treatment with herbs is not hostile to modern medicine. However, conventional medicine can still be used for acute conditions, but thereafter can be treated with herbs to restore vitality diseased organs, "he explained.

However, it does not mean all plants in nature are safe for consumption. To note is how the treatment. In addition, consumers also should pay attention to how cooking up ways to consume.


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