Friday, July 16, 2010

Fiber Preventing and Overcoming Ambien

When bowel movements hard and difficult, especially if accompanied by excessive straining, pain usually occurs in the anus. The pain comes from irritation and sores on the surface of the anus due to hard stools that forced out.

In some people, if this situation occurs frequently, over time can arise ambient or Hemorrhoid. If it is so, the pain will be more severe, often accompanied by inflammation and swelling, and even fresh blood dripping out. It makes the sufferer so miserable, especially when the desire to defecate more urgent or time must sit for long.

For people who do not want to suffer from the ambient, the defecating hard and difficult should be avoided. You do this by consuming fibrous food. Many examples of high fiber foods that have, among others: papaya, sweet potato leaves, spinach, kale, fresh fruits (bananas not included). In addition, fluid intake should also be in sufficient quantities so that the stool softer.

Consumption of high fiber, besides can prevent the emergence of ambient, also can reduce the absorption of cholesterol by the intestine. This is important, especially for people who are overweight or who have high blood cholesterol levels. In addition, the stool out faster due to the fiber in which a person can avoid colon cancer. According to research, long stored feces in the bowel can damage the cells of the colon wall causing mutation into cancer cells.

For people who already have ambient, fiber consumption is also very helpful. Consumption of fiber will soften the stool, so it will come out easily and cause little or no pain. Although sometimes required treatment with anti-pain or anti-inflammatory, fiber can not be ignored factor in the success of the ambient treatment. In fact, virtually, fiber is a key element in the treatment and prevention of recurrence of his ambient.

Fortunately, the fiber is not expensive. All around us is a cheap source of natural fiber and affordable. Only sometimes we are accustomed to eating unhealthy and we do not want to bother looking for fibrous food. Unhealthy eating behaviors should be changed if you want to continue living healthy.


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