Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Symptoms of Coronary Heart Disease

Symptoms of coronary heart disease among others, such as:

1. Pain in the chest, more specifically the center of chest pains radiating to left arm or neck, even to the backs. Chest pain like this is the typical pain of coronary heart disease. This pain arises only when doing physical activity and will decrease when resting.

2. Accompanying symptoms such as cold sweat and the incidence of nausea.

Coronary Heart Disease & Cardiovascular Genetics

The medical term for heart disease are grouped into two types: coronary heart disease and heart disease genetics. Coronary heart disease arises when there is narrowing of blood vessels in the heart. While genetic factors (congenital) were found since the age of the baby.

Heart disease, stroke and peripheral arterial disease is a fatal disease. Worldwide, the number of patients with this disease is growing. The third category of disease is not free from an unhealthy lifestyle are mostly done in line with the changing pattern of life.

These factors trigger a heart attack are among others:

* Smoking.
* Eat foods high cholesterol.
* Lack of motion.
* Lazy exercise.
* Stress.
* Lack of rest.

Heart attack is a condition when the damage experienced by the heart muscle (myocardium) due to very sudden decrease in blood supply to part of the body.

Treatment and Prevention of Coronary Heart Disease

Following the traditional recipe mixing of Prof. H.M. Hembing Wijayakusuma:

1. 1-3 noni/pace/ripe noni washed and cut into pieces, then blend with enough water and boil until boiling. Add honey to taste, then drink.

2. 2-3 noni/pace/ripe noni washed and cut into pieces + 10 points angco, deseeded. Blend all ingredients with enough water, add 10 grams of powdered leaves tubers god (Thien chi). Stir well, then drink.

3. 2 noni/pace/noni cooked, cleaned and cut into pieces + 30 grams of leaves boiled with 600 cc of the god of water until the remaining 300 cc. Strain, add honey to taste. Stir well and drink.

Choose one of the recipes and do regularly. Recipes to help the healing process. Keep consulting your doctor.

Health Articles are taken from the Book of Work Prof. H. M. Hembing Wijayakusuma (Series of Traditional Medicine, Title: Healing Noni)

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