Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Causes Of Coronary Heart Disease

What are the causes of Coronary Heart Disease?
Coronary heart disease was initially caused by a buildup of fat in the blood vessel wall in the heart (coronary arteries), and this was followed over time by various processes such as accumulation of connective tissue, chalky, blood clotting, etc., all of which will restrict or clog the blood vessels . This will cause the heart muscle in those areas experiencing shortages of blood flow and can cause many serious consequences, from angina pectoris (chest pain) until Infarction Heart, which the community was known by the heart attack that can cause sudden death.

Some of the most important risk factor for coronary heart disease:

1 Total and LDL Cholesterol Levels High
2 Low HDL Cholesterol Levels
3 High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)
4 Smoking
5 Diabetes Mellitus
6 Obesity
7 History of heart disease in the family descendants
8 Lack of exercise
9 Stress

When you carry one or several risk factors mentioned above, you are encouraged periodically check your heart health to an expert. The presence of two or more risk factors will be multiplied times the total increase the risk for coronary heart disease.

Detection of Coronary Heart Disease
Several checks can be performed to detect coronary heart disease among others: ECG, Treadmill, Echokardiografi and Coronary Arteriorgrafi (often known as Kateterisasi).

ECG can be detected by examination of the possibility of abnormalities in your heart with 40% accuracy level. Then if necessary you will be encouraged to perform examinations Echokardiografi Treadmill.

Based on the results of these chances are you will be encouraged to perform coronary arteriography examinations (Kateterisasi) which has the highest level of accuracy (99-100%) to determine whether you have coronary heart disease.

What is cardiac catheterization?
Cardiac catheterization is an investigation that aims to examine the structure and functioning of the heart, including a heart, heart valves, heart muscle, blood vessels sserta heart including coronary blood vessels, especially to detect a clogged coronary arteries.

The procedure is performed by a specialist by using angiography. By administering the contrast agent through the catheter, doctors can know the exact location, size, and weight or the degree of narrowing of the coronary arteries darad. Results will be recorded clearly in the movie or CD

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