Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How Broccoli Beat Cancer

Nickname broccoli as a superfood is not new. Numerous studies have shown that vegetables this one does have a kind of a natural ingredient that can fight cancer cells.

Based on the latest news, experts in England have been able to identify and explain the content of these anticancer mechanism of these substances interact with genes responsible for cancer development.

As published in the journal BioMed Central Molecular Cancer newest edition, the experts describe how the anticancer substance called sulforaphane works. Simply put, sulforaphane neutralize similar gene called PTEN. The gene is involved in the formation of prostate cancer cells.

Under normal conditions, PTEN will inhibit cancer development. However, in certain cells, this gene actually disappeared and was later going to trigger the growth of cancer.

The presence of sulforaphane seem to be able to reduce the influence of cells and loss of PTEN is able to prevent the cancer to grow and develop.

This conclusion was obtained after scientists at the Institute of Food Research Norwich Research Park to do a series of studies. The experts using prostate tissue from the body of a man and cancer cells from rats. This finding would be new hope for the creation of a therapy for prostate cancer that attacks around 36 000 men each year.


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