Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Secret Power of Honey in Kills Bacteria

Honey is a multi-function products produced by bees. There are so many uses of honey as a medicine or as a woman's skin care products.

However, there are more properties of honey that is not less important. Scientists say there are secret ingredients in honey that is able to kill bacteria.

Researchers have found that bees make honey contained in the protein it produces, called defensins-1. This protein can be used to treat burns and skin infections, as well as to develop new drugs that can combat antibiotic-resistant infections.

In the process of research, the researchers investigate the antibacterial activity of a single class of medical honey in a test tube of antibiotic-resistant panels, the bacteria that cause disease.

They develop a method to selectively neutralize the existing antibacterial factor in honey and determining the contribution of each anti-bacterial. Finally, the researchers isolated a protein-defensins, which are part of the immune system and add the honey bee by honey bees.
After analysis, the scientists conclude, the majority of anti-bacterial properties of honey derived from protein.

This information can also be useful for producing honey bees, because it can be used solely by the bees as the immune system which makes them more healthy.


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