Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ulcer disease has been severe, Need to Feed Fucoidan

Many people assume, heartburn can be abated if the stomach is filled with food. Assuming that's not quite true. Although he has filled the stomach with food, not necessarily in the stomach pain was gone. In fact, sometimes can even be worse.

Just so you know, ulcer occurs due to flooding in the gastric acid content. Now, to overcome it certainly should be by lowering the acid levels.

This decrease in acid content can be done with the type of antacid drugs. These drugs are capable of neutralizing excess stomach acid as well as relieve pain in the stomach. Antacids containing aluminum salts, magnesium, and simethicone.

How it works, aluminum and magnesium salts will be binding on gastric acid, making the total decrease. While the content of simethicone as assisting gases arising from stomach acid out of the digestive tract. "Thus, acidity (pH) in the stomach to be normal again in the 3-4 range," said Mulyadi Tedjapranata, health experts Medizone clinic. When high levels of gastric acid, the pH in the stomach size can be slid down to the digits 1-2.

Mulyadi suggested that when taking antacids was not accompanied with other drugs. Because could have resulted in different reactions, so as even to make worse. "The drug is also not recommended consumed in the long term," he added.

Because the nature of antacids which only reduce the acid, after the pain disappear, you are encouraged to consume other drugs to reduce excessive stomach acid production. Proton pump inhibitor type drugs can be a reference. These drugs can control the excessive production of acid in the stomach.

Well, if it is severe and ulcers on mucosal injury that serves to protect the stomach wall, you need other drugs. The doctors recommend that you take the drug type of sucralfate. Sucralfate is a derivative of glucose. Sucralfate works by attaching to the membrane, forming a kind of a useful layer protects gastric mucosal membranes from the friction causes irritation or injury.

"But this only works sucralfate coating only, not heal wounds," said Anastacia Japri, health experts from Novell Pharmaceutical Laboratories ..

In order to heal, you need to consume drugs of fucoidan. The function of this drug, other than lining the stomach can also lead to accelerated degeneration of injured cells in the stomach to eat it all at once with deadly bacteria. "So the bacteria will come out of the digestive system," he explained. (Raymond Reynaldi)

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