Saturday, July 17, 2010

Patients of HIV / AIDS in NTT Increasing

Cases of HIV/AIDS in East Nusatenggara already very worrying. There should be cross-sectoral coordination to tackle the problem. Thus the testimony of the Vice-Governor of NTT Esthon L. Foenay in Kupang on Saturday (10/7).

According Esthon, until the first half of 2010, cases of HIV/AIDS in the East Nusatenggara' has reached 1129 cases spread in 16 of the 21 districts/cities. This amount is expected to more than the actual numbers, because there are not monitored. "There are five districts in the East Nusatenggara according to the data, no cases. But this is not guaranteed, since no actual findings of the case so there is no case," said Esthon, as written by Antara.

Esthon added, from 1129 cases (648 HIV and 481 AIDS patients), 291 of whom had died. Vice Governor of NTT worry that the number of people affected by HIV/AIDS continue to increase if no serious handling. Because of existing data, the number of people living with HIV/AIDS come from various groups, such as housewives, highest students, to students. (Ulf)


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