Monday, July 5, 2010

How to Enjoy Early Pregnancy

Pregnancy becomes good news for families, as well as bringing change. Not only the physical changes in the prospective mother, but also psychological. Even her husband could follow to change his temper, as his wife's emotional changes.

The fact that release of PT Sari Husada shows, nearly 80 percent of pregnant women disappointed, rejected, anxiety, depression, and depressed by her pregnancy. These emotions have a negative impact, stress, which not only suffered by the mother, but also a baby in her womb. Even the study by Thomas O'Connor of the Institute of Psychiatry, London, mentions, from the 7000 mothers who stress during pregnancy, 15 percent of children born children tend to become hyperactive.

Psychologist Dr Rose Mini, MPsi, said the psychological unpreparedness in pregnant women caused by fear or stress will arise because of ignorance of pregnancy expectant mothers and expectant father. In addition there are also other factors that affect mental disorders, such as external conflict.

"Women can not enjoy the pregnancy because of various factors, physical start to make increasingly larger bodies, and other external issues that create stress and psychological. Hormonal factors also influence so in the face of this pregnancy, women need to be assisted primarily by her husband. Especially if you go through pregnancy The first, "explains psychologist who is familiarly called 'Romi' is to Compass Female, Saturday (07/03/2010).

If you already know what the cause of emotional disturbances during pregnancy, women also need to enjoy the pregnancy with careful psychological preparation in the following ways:

Learn with book
Reference books about pregnancy numbers. Useful information from reading material like this is very needed future mother and father. Out of fear and the various problems that arise in pregnancy birth because couples do not have knowledge about it. Moreover, couples who undergo pregnancy for the first time. In addition to books, other sources such as family or friends who have had a pregnancy can also be a place to ask.

Consultation and ask questions directly to experts

We went to the gynecologist, you should use the opportunity to ask questions, and note any information you receive. You have the right critical to the doctor and ask for details to get a full and satisfactory explanation to you. In this position, the husband was supposed to accompany. Prospective mothers desperately need the support of her husband underwent various changes experienced during pregnancy, both physical and psychological changes. Took the opportunity to seek expert information on pregnancy can also be from the seminar. When this is usually the experts with different expertise can meet in person and asked answered by you and your husband.

Build communication with husband
Conditions do change when pregnant women. Women who had been extremely maintain body shape, and change shape during pregnancy, of course, will experience different emotions. Not to mention the physical changes that naturally occur during pregnancy because the skin stretched, which causes itching and scar due to wrong treatment of the skin. Various physical changes in these women's emotional triggers. Prospective mothers are also often require attention as part of the emotional changes experienced during pregnancy.

Under these conditions, the husband can not just ignore. Empathy and caring husband needed a wife. But the wife also need to submit it to the husband. Build communication to adapt to these changes. Take also the husband to engage in any activities associated with pregnancy. For example during pregnancy exercise, or during prenatal care. Another important issue is communicated with the husband is the sexual relationship during pregnancy. Many references to sex during pregnancy. But the important thing is to deal with you and your husband to run it.

Build a relationship with fetal
Inviting the fetus can also be reassuring talk. Listen to the fetus with classical music has become a common information you hear, is not it? Many things that you can create your own to build an emotional relationship with the fetus. This can help expectant mothers enjoy their pregnancy more.

Accepting the situation, and do not blame yourself
Fear of mother and father during pregnancy, the more precarious when entering the third quarter. At that time, concerns started to move on to how the physical baby at birth later. Do complete all parts of his body, and so forth. If you're already preparing for pregnancy to mature, and do other positive things that build energy for both mother and baby, stop these concerns by accepting and surrender. Because of physical disability, for example, also appear because the genetic nature that can not be avoided. Do not ever blame yourself, because genetic factors most likely affect.

Psychological Counseling

Mental conditions can be overcome with her husband and extended family. But if you felt it was particularly disturbed by a variety of emotional disturbances, and have no idea anymore how to manage conflict, not hurt you begin to seek the help of psychologists. The fair was also conducted psychological counseling pregnant women to help cope with stress in pregnancy.

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