Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mouth is Gate of Your Health

Washington DC: When the eye called the windows to the soul, the mouth is the gateway to your overall health. Unwittingly, the changes in the gums or saliva may be a sign that your mouth not in good condition.

Now, open your mouth wide to check the condition as below:

1. Color Pale tongue

That is, you have anemia or iron deficiency. For comparison, anemia affects the health condition of one in five women in the United States. Without enough iron to help produce energy and maintain the immune system, so your body can not make hemoglobin and pigment in red blood cells are sufficient for the tongue.

Recommended, you eat more green vegetables, meat, seafood, and nuts or consume supplement with the recommended dose is 15 milligrams. If you are suffering from anemia should perform a diagnostic blood test.

2. Water thick Spittle
Could mean, you're experiencing xerostomia or dry mouth. Likelihood of OTC drugs because eat (including allergy and drug fever) giving rise to changes in the amount of water flowing into and out of cells.

And if allowed, dry mouth can cause tooth decay, gum disease, and infections caused by fungi in the mouth. When that happens, consult your doctor. Especially, about the drugs used for dry mouth.

As a precaution, a professor of dentistry at the University of Michigan, United States, Carol Anne Murdoch-Kinch, recently suggested that do not forget to treat the throat with a way to drink more water. Chewing gum and brush with toothpaste children usually contain fewer Dryer.
If this still feels dry, you are better off spraying a mouth like salivart OTC moisturizer. Or dentist will prescribe a booster such as salivary evoxac.

3. Bright red gums, swelling, or Small There Injury

This means the disease of the gums. Usually about 23 percent of women aged 30-54 years gum disease.

According to Ronald Herberman, professor of medicine at the Medical University of Pittsburgh, United States, bleeding or pus out, especially when brushing your teeth is a characteristic pain in the gums. Generally, this oral disease caused by bacteria. Gum disease can also be a sign of something more serious, such as diabetes.

In pregnant women will make the baby was born seven times faster than normal conditions. Perhaps, gum disease increase the level of biological fluids that induce labor. According to the researchers Academy of Oral and Dental Health United States.

It is suggested, you try toothpaste or mouthwash containing antimicrobial material. And do not forget to come to the dentist at least twice a year.

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