Monday, July 5, 2010

Acne Happen Because Hormone Disorders

Acne, Hormone Disorders - Though not the kind of life-threatening illness but, acne is very disturbing, making the appearance less attractive in addition to pain, itching and swelling of the eyes. Initial cause of acne is hard to be impressed. Strong suspicion because of unbalanced hormones in the body as the main stem

For example, endocrine or hormonal factors, genetic or heredity, diet, emotions, cosmetic ingredients hologen womb, the weather (heat / cool). The emergence of acne depends whether or not these factors.

"People who have a mix of factors rather be attacked by acne," said the expert in skin and venereal Dr. Fisalma Mansjoer.

Essentially, acne is an inflammation of the unit Pilosebaceus with blockages of keratin. Hair meaningful Pilo, sebaceus gland fat, keratin horn substance. Because too many factors stem occurred pimples, then how to prevent or cure more difficult.

Because of that, to prevent acne away from the most elegant of all these factors. Although acne may heal without medication, it 's going to leave a mark or scar on the skin that is not fair. That is why, acne should be treated.

According Fisalma, hormonal factors have an important role in the process of acne formation. Studies show, the content of the skin of acne sufferers in the encounter higher levels of androgen hormones when compared with normal skin.

In a period of three hormones that have important roles in various processes in the body.

First: The process of cell formation epidermi, Second: Structure (composition) or a liquid fatty sebum produced by glands in fat. Third: Permeability pilosebaceus channel.

Other hormones also have a similar effect. For example, hormones, thyroid and cortisone. Type of corticosteroid drugs is easy to cause acne.

Winners of the opinion that acne is a hereditary disease (genetic), for example, father or mother suffering from acne, then chances are the kids going to breakouts. This opinion is not right and wrong.

Acne is not inherited, but the distribution of lymph glands or fat sehaceus. Suppose that one of them or (mothers father) has a lot of fat glands, then the situation may be reduced to the child.

Maintenance and Treatment

SHOULD, pimply face cleaned by using soap to dissolve in fat take take water. Keep in mind cleansing milk to clean cosmetic function only. If I may wear a face-tonic or astringent that has the alcohol content, especially for oily skin.

The use of cosmetics on skin breakouts depending on weight or suffered a mild acne. The risk of blockage in the follicle gland polisebaceus. Cosmetics that have a dry properties used by those who suffer from mild acne.

Special for powder, it is advisable to take the powder powder or powder. Dense or compact powder-powder can cause a blockage due to fat content a lot.

In addition to skin care and hygiene are also required training (exercise) or exercise berterusan. Thus, blood flow and hormone activity in the body running smoothly.

Once again reminded to avoid all the factors of acne stem, suppose that the above methods do not carry the impression that his rage, then the typical acne acne need medication.


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