Monday, July 26, 2010

Signs Men Suffer of Andropause

The couple began often seen panic, anxiety, and short-tempered? That the signs of couples experience andropause phase.

According to Tim Mitra Inti, the life of men can also undergo a similar symptoms such as menopause in women, although not identical. Called andropause symptoms were influenced by the aging process.

In his book titled "Kesprohilic, A-Z Frequently Asked Questions About Sexual Problems", andropause is a clinical syndrome characterized by physical and emotional changes associated with the process of decreasing levels of hormones such as growth hormone, and testosterone in concentration especially meaningful. Thus, sexual function and festilitas (fertility) do not stop at all in men who experience symptoms of andropause, but a gradual decline.

Actually it's just the term andropause. Andro means men and pause it means stop. What happened was not exactly the same as menopause, cessation of function of the gonads (ovary / testis). If the women no longer menstruate.

At the termination of his functions, the only decline. But its impact not only on the physical and psychic, but also on male sexual function. Nevertheless, andropause can be anticipated to minimize complaints, especially since a young age.

When and what the symptoms of andropause? The study found symptoms of andropause are beginning to occur in men when entering the age of 40 years. Decrease in testosterone levels occur in stages, for years, along with the continued aging of age. Testosterone levels are declining physical condition and the cause of male sexual performance slowly declining.

This was eventually followed by psychic complaints, though not typical. Physical symptoms, such as easy fatigue and excessive drowsiness, pain or stiffness in muscles and bone joints, Mr. P decreases, the decline in energy and muscle strength, reduced growth of beard and mustache, decreased frequency of erections in the morning, until the decline in sexual arousal. As a result, he becomes irritable, depressed, panic, anxiety, difficult to fall asleep, also feel depressed. (Tty)

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