Thursday, July 15, 2010

Healthy Teeth, Brush Teeth Before Bed is Compulsory

When compared with the morning, not many people are accustomed to brushing your teeth before bed. In fact, it was nighttime is the most important to protect the teeth from his evil bacteria.

According to drg Aditya Pribadi, SpOrtho, while sleeping in his mouth so sour mood, if not cleaned, tooth decay will be more easily arise. "Actually, not just before bed are obliged to brush my teeth, after meals should be because the atmosphere was more acidic mouth and bacteria love it," said a doctor who practiced in dental clinics Dharmawangsa 8 Dental Care, Jakarta.

If we do not brush my teeth before bed, bacteria in the mouth can damage teeth freely. This is because while sleeping at night, saliva production is reduced. As a result, mouth dry and plaque neutralization process does not take place optimally. As is known, one of the functions of saliva is to clean teeth naturally and defense functions of the body from bacteria.

Apart from causing plaque, bacteria that breed in the mouth was also one cause of bad breath. No wonder if the morning was delicious aroma wafted from the mouth. To reduce the proliferation of bacteria that, we need to brush my teeth. So do not just brush my teeth while bathing, but also the night after dinner before bed.

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