Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Prambusia disease, Attack Baduy Residents

Residents in rural Baduy In Lebak regency, Banten province, prambusia disease or similar skin disease that attacks the entire body of the patient so that patients with decreased productivity.

"The disease is not fatal, because the attack on the skin only, such as wound scab," Maman said Hasanuddin, medical officer of Community Health Centers (PHC) Cisimeut, District Leuwidamar, Lebak, Saturday (31/07/2010).

Maman said, since found prambusia case in Baduy In the years 2001-2009 was recorded 1994 people until now continue to do treatment and prevention of the spread of the disease. In fact, preventive treatment of prambusia done en masse with the medical officer of Lebak District Health Office.

"Activities of treatment was performed once every year," he said. He also said the disease in Indonesia pertained prambusia rare disease, and there's only inland residents, such as Papua and Baduy.

Prambusia spreading germs transmitted due to the bad hygiene and healthy (PHBS) local residents. Most sufferers prambusia Baduy In the scattered residents in Kampung Cikeusik, Cibeo and Cikawartana because they lack the attention to cleanliness.

He cited the lack of healthy behavior, dress up for weeks is not replaced, the shower did not use soap, and even citizens Baduy when sleep is not grounded mat. "With the lack of clean living was certainly very vulnerable to the spread of skin diseases," he said.

He explains, treatment is only carried out the injection type prambusia benzetin to kill germs in the body. However, until now-scab scab disease that attacks the feet, hands and bodies had not yet freed from the area.

"My target, this year 2010 Baduy free of prambusia," he said. Meanwhile, Idi Rasidi (60), a medical officer Baduy trust, admitted that he regularly every week once walked the approximately 20 miles to visit patients prambusia.

The visit was to conduct counseling and socialization in order to improve community health status of Baduy it. "We ask them to life by keeping the environment clean and if the pain medication to the clinic," he said.


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