Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sex & Orgasms Always come Accompaniment?

Is sex and orgasm alongside the road like peanut butter and chocolate? There is no denying that they gave birth to a delicious flavor, but you can still taste the one without the other feeling, right? The question is, do you have to reach orgasm in order to be better sex?

As if there was no sense talking about sex alone was satisfactory. But for those who do not achieve orgasm from penetration, only with additional stimulation using sex toys, masturbation, or direct stimulation of the clitoris-sex can still be a great event.

Just like masturbation, orgasm without sex (penetration) is also good. That said, sex is intimacy, closeness body move together. Sex can make you feel dominant, submissive, full of passion, to feel love, lust, hunger, filled with happiness, or even make you want to cry. But that does not always interspersed with orgasm. In fact, if we stress too much thought because it never reached orgasm. This fact will be the only thing that makes it difficult to have an orgasm. Thus okezone quotation from The Frisky, on Thursday (07/22/2010).

On the other hand, most of us can not orgasm by having sex alone? Approximately 70 percent of women can not orgasm from vaginal penetration. Penetration which leads to the climax brings the accumulated feelings, let go of happiness, and your body fluctuates naturally.

In essence, we should stop worrying when getting orgasm. Whether it is doing self-service, or penetration with a partner. And remember, do not be strange if the sex session ended with no climax. We did not find happiness in the intimacy of the act (sex).

Now, if only we could think the same way with others, have you ever thought that sex is only successful when having an orgasm? Have you ever had sex with both, although without the suffix powerful orgasm?


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