Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Left Brain Characters and Right Brain

Ok, now I'm also attracted to the world of health. Because my mother involved in the health world, the article is very useful for adding your insight.

Human brain consists of two parts, the right brain and left brain. Its function clearly differ. I will explain each of the characters of the brain:

LEFT BRAIN characterized by analytical, inductive (specific vertical first and general), sequence (create one job in one period), clever read, think, say, analyze, belongs to a strong showing in mathematics and science, the nature of a more regular basis, our left brain Also notice that the shape perbualan processing, logic and analytical thinking.

RIGHT BRAIN creative character, global (erect something in the overall context),
deductive (general upright first and specific), simultaneous or multifunctional allowed to work a lot in one time, good paint, play music, sing, their forms, are emotions and feelings act to follow, preferring to fantasize, to have the power of a strong impulse, likely very smart and they might go astray in the world of imagination.

RIGHT BRAIN: our right brain functions to oversee aspects such as perception, space, vision, creativity and intuition. The way we process the intimation right brain is different from the left brain. Intimation to the right brain to process quickly and nonlinear. The right brain as a whole we see something and try to find docking between one another. The way we process the right brain is very difficult to notice explained through words because he is very complex.


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