Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Thighs Women, Compulsory Stimulated by Men

Sexology - SEX likened the match racing arena. You and your spouse to each other racing to the top of sexual pleasure. Now, there's no harm in letting your wife who first reaches the "finish".

Navigating the woman's body without a single string attached to her body, of course, brings tremendous effect on the libido. If you have been less good at exploring the thigh and lower abdomen, it's time you give a stimulus to focus on two sensitive zones this.

"Draw a circle 2 inches on the outside Miss V and not over the limit. At that time you kiss, lick, and stroke (thigh and lower abdomen), "said the author of" Different Loving "Gloria Brame, PhD, as reported by Men's Health, Friday (7/9/2010).

"You can activate the nerve endings and bring it closer to the red zone. Made findings of sex, not a destination. Goal-oriented sex is not sexy, "Brame added.

Not enough with the exploration of flattery, you are also required to explore the location of sex. If you want to turn the spark passion in the early days of marriage first, you are obliged to have sex in the car.

Sleigh couples who have been in the car parked in your garage. He's on the seat holder. And, give fondling and stimulation to the entire body. This moment is so felt a little naughty in her eyes. Increase the quality of testosterone, which has suffered setbacks will soon be felt in your body and your partner.

"Make it a quickie, which can be done quickly, but you can still connect with a partner," said Laura Berman PhD, as Director Berman Center in Chicago, United States.


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